What does this ebook cover?

The Irish government envisages its financial services sector as a top-tier global location of choice for specialist financial services.

The country's new strategy has set lofty targets in relation to employment numbers, talent-acquisition, fintech development and more. 

This ebook gives a summary of the strategy, with a focus on the 4 key pillars outlined in the document. These pillars are:

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1 Operating Environment

This pillar focuses on ensuring the policy, culture and legislative conditions underpinning IFS will support growth.

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2 Technology & Innovation

This pillar focuses on providing a collaborative approach to addressing emerging challenges and opportunities in technological developments.

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3 Talent

This pillar seeks to ensure that Ireland continues to have skilled people to meet the demands of the IFS sector, including meeting needs for new and changing skills. 

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4 Communications & Promotion

This pillar is focused on ensuring Ireland’s IFS offering is communicated to all those who are or may be attracted to investing in Ireland.