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Making Digital Work

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We are working in a time of unprecedented uncertainty.

Remote working is suddenly the new normal and traditional onboarding programs are no longer possible.


Making Digital Work


Intuition has set up a dedicated virtual preparedness team to help meet your every learning need during and beyond the pandemic. With no time to hesitate, we moved all our classroom clients to a completely virtual environment for their Summer Intern programs. While physical classroom training may be permitted once again in 2021, certain 2020 Intern onboarding programs must all be digital.

We have seen firsthand the challenges that come with this new reality. We have seen firms struggle with how to enhance Interns’ overall professional development and skills without them being able to experience a corporate environment. We have also seen challenges in helping Interns gain insights and learn behaviors they'd normally be exposed to in the office, shadowing managers. Most importantly, we have seen firms struggle to give Interns the opportunity to make their own impact and showcase their knowledge and personalities without being able to interact with colleagues. We recognize these challenges and have been working with many of our clients to build solutions to help tackle them.

There is a pressing need to transform training programs into digital experiences. We help our clients across the following areas to make digital work for their business:



To be a top performer in the age of disruption takes skills that aren’t easy to quantify. Map and assess the critical skills your firms needs now and in the future.


Cultural Assimilation

Provide new hires with the skills and behaviors that will allow them to make an impact from a remote location.

Lifelong Learning

Once Onboarding is complete, it pays to plan. The creation of development plans in line with business objectives ensures capabilities are built with a focus on future requirements.


Virtual Workshops

Transition your face-to-face delivery to online. This needs careful consideration of the subject matter, the medium, and the audience.


Digital Learning

Deliver training to locations across the globe. This can not only speed up capacity building, it can help instructors focus virtual workshop on practical applications.



Use the appropriate software to increase efficiency and embed the values your company stands for.

COVID-19 has affected all aspects of our lives. It has forced business leaders to refocus and recalibrate. Learning is no different.

If you would like to discuss any of our offerings further or need guidance on how to transition to digital feel free to reach out.

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