Virtual Learning 101
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Creating A Great Learning Experience

In the face of widespread coronavirus lockdowns, classroom engagements have been canceled and virtual instructor-led training (vILT) sessions are more necessary than ever.

Failure to account for the differences in online delivery, however, often leads to a poor user experience and poor learning outcomes.

At Intuition, we know that online delivery is very different from face-to-face interventions. We only select tutors with the requisite experience and expertise for both the subject matter and the medium.

As part of our Making Digital Work series, we’re offering organizations expert advice on how to create an engaging virtual learning experience.

During this webinar, we covered:

  1. How do adults learn?
  2. The role of "teachers" in adult learning
  3. Creating buzz or energy in the session/class
  4. Bringing learners' professional life into class
  5. Moving learning to virtual

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creating a great learning experience